Help us end hunger
and isolation among
the homebound in
Prince Edward County!
  • More than 220,000
    meals served since 2001
  • Delivering 50 meals/day
  • 60 dedicated Volunteers
  • No waiting list
  • Service within 48 hours
    of application
  • Serving all socio-
    economic backgrounds
  • Providing peace of mind
    for clients’ families
  • Feeding more than hunger
Service Meals on Wheels
Delivered to your home! can you help!
Prince Edward County
...feeding more than hunger!
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"Thank you for your support"  
   P.O. Box 758, 505 Griffin Boulevard
Farmville, VA 23901
Phone: 434-392-8797
Mobile: 434-315-3480
Centra Southside Community Hospital
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"A BIG THANK YOU! to all our friends in the kitchen for their service"
2013 Volunteers Cookout  - Photo Album
volunteers cookout
"A BIG THANK YOU! to all our volunteers for their generous support"
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"Together we all make it happen!"